Video from storebror21 how to use RadioSure

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13 thoughts on “Video from storebror21 how to use RadioSure

  1. Very good video.It is usefull for everyone despite he don’t use very well de pc.

    Thx..start for now,I will record Armin van Buuren’s radio show.

    Greetings from Romania.;)

  2. Clear, concise, understandable, easy to learn. In one word, EXCELLENT.
    Thank you very much for your tutorial.
    Greetings from Lima, Peru, South America.

  3. Being a storebror (danish for older brother) myself I wish I had your tutorial skills! Exellent.

  4. Well done and explained enough to get started. I appreciate
    the simple, straight-forward options and functions of the
    US Marine Corps

  5. Thanks, plain and simple.
    But we need also advanced use like recording tips.

  6. Hello.
    I think that if the window was more – it would be more convenient to use it.

  7. Hiya. Great tutorial, but you didn’t mention if this software had the facility to stop/start recording of a station i.e. start at 10pm and finish at 2am (4 hours recording).

  8. Estou em SP- Brasil. Utilizo o rádio sure há muito tempo, considerou o como o melhor player da web. Lamentavelmente não consigo fazer com que as pessoas por aqui passem a usá lo, detestam coisas de alta tecnologia , acostumaram se ao trivial!!
    Parabéns aos desenvolvedores do Rádio Sure!

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